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Teresa Sadler

Athena:  One of a Kind Cernit by Teresa Sadler

Welcome to

Teresa Sadler

and my collection of art past and present.

“Athena” is one of my favorite dolls from back in the 1990’s.

“Appointment with the Lioness” is one of this years most recent works.

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Gourd Art

Visit my collection of Gourd Art.  These pieces include the artistry of carving, sculpting, painting, pyrography, and the inclusion of elements from nature.

Doll Art

Visit my collection of Doll Art.  My pieces are all One of a Kind sculpted by me.  I began with porcelain and then added polymer clay.   All costuming is mine.

Tatted Earings

Tatted Earrings are hand made from cotton thread.  I have a large variety of colors, shapes, sizes, with and without beads,

Paint & Sculpt

I have water colors and oils both on canvas.  And I have many mixed media works that include both sculpture and paint.

© Teresa Sadler 2021