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Purchasing Teresa’s Art

You do not have to have an Etsy account to purchase Teresa art on  You can perform your purchase as a guest.

Online purchases are made through

My Gourds are listed on and may be purchased on-line through their website shopping cart.
Many of my Ear Rings are also listed on I may not currently have stock on everything listed on Etsy.  So use those listings and my Earring web pages to find the style you like and contact me to select your color choices.  I will then post the earring on Etsy, send you a link to purchase it, and can normally ship within a couple of days.
My Ceramics and Painting may also be purchased on  Contact me when you select the item your would like to purchase,  and I will verify the item is still available.  I do not list them on Etsy because I also have them for sale in a local business, and I am not immediately aware of all sales in order to remove them from Etsy right away.

Purchase locally in Spokane WA at the Clay Connection

Many of Teresa’s Ceramic pieces, some of her Gourds, and some of her Earrings are available at the Clay Connection in Downtown Spokane WA.  So when you are in town stop in and see what is currently available.

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Or contact me using the link at the bottom of the page

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