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Sunset on Purple Prairie – A Vase – Thanksgiving 2022

Mouse Bee & More – A Cup – Thanksgiving 2022

Mouse & Leaves – A Cup – Thanksgiving 2022

Goat – A Cup – Thanksgiving 2022

Donkey – A Cup – Thanksgiving 2022

Cat & Mouse – A Cup – Thanksgiving 2022

Butterfly and Leaves – A Cup – Thanksgiving 2022

Bird on a Branch – A Cup – Thanksgiving 2022

Bears in the Forest – A Cup – Thanksgiving 2022

Happy – A Cup – Thanksgiving 2022

Squirrel and Bird Jar Oct 2022

Dog Food Bowl, Oct 2022

Elephants have Wrinkles, Oct 2022

Colorful Fish on Cup, Oct 2022

Butterflies on Cup, Oct 2022

Bowl with peacock styling, Oct 2022

Bowl, Telling the garden story, Oct 2022

Bowl, 3 layers of brown Oct 2022

Birds on Cup Oct 2022

Zebra Bowl


Sgraffito – a free hand delight

A Green Raised Vase

Baby Ducks on the Water – A Cup

The Fox and the Rabbit – A Cup

Cup – Life on the Plains

Wolf with the Lamb – Cup


Black & White Bowl

Cups for People

Lion & Lamb

Sun Flower on Utensil Vase

Foxes on Vase

Fox on Bowl – Sold

Ducks on Cup

Elephant Caravan – Sold

Ceramic Bowl with Harvest Mice

Different Color Handle Coffee Cups

A Collection of Pots and Vases Along the Way

A Collection of Bowls Along the Way

Collection of Cups on the Way



Leaves of Fall

Martan Mantis

Flight of Fancy

Nancy Nymph


Toddler in White Dress


Escaping Thoughts (Ganglion)




Conversation with a Caterpillar


Sprite in Moss Boat


Forest Deer – Sold

Rabbit Meadow


Briar Patch

City School Bank Vault Mural


Blue Faerie


Portrait of Grace

Out of the Darkness

Quite Time


The Struggle

Oak and Pine

Dancing Dragonfly

Autumn Squirrel

Leopard in Hiding

Feathers and Flowers

Appointment with a Lioness

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